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My Contributions

Facilitated usability testing, feedback & ideation sessions

Created wireframes and designed hi-fidelity prototypes

Crafted clear and impactful strategy and/or design stories through decks, sketches, and other deliverables.

Ensured an amazing execution of the work, the design went beyond client expectations


Website Audit, Competitive Analysis, User Interviews, Sitemap, Wireframes, Prototypes

The Process
Kick-off Meeting with the Client
Defining goals for the project & Understanding the target audience

In our kick-off meeting with the client, we decided that we want to target new visitors of the website who wants to know about the organization

1. Identify the opportunities to improve user experience in the current website

2. Redesign the website to build trust and to motivate users in taking the action

Research & Discovery

Website Audit . Competitive Analysis . User Testing

Website Audit
Providing all necessary information on the home page and on the first level of the hierarchy will increase user engagement.

The purpose of the website audit was to understand navigation on the current and performance of the current website.

total links
load time for first-time users 
internal links
load time for returning users 

Works Well

  1. All pages have proper headings(H1) and title.

  2. There are 3 levels of hierarchy. 

  3. Each page has metadata and keywords so it easy to find website content on search engines.

  4. Quick page loads increases user engagement.

Opportunity for improvements

  1. 61 pages are accessible directly by navigation. Users can have difficulty accessing content

  2. 75% of pages exist at third level of hierarchy. Users are less likely to click through different pages.

  3. Internal pages are designed as categories of blog which might confuse users.

  4. Labels and titles are not consistent which can lead to mistrust among users.

Competitive Analysis
The order in which we present information on the homepage is crucial to building initial user trust.

We conducted competitive analysis of similar organizations Madre, International Planned Parenthood, Global Fund for Women and Centre for Reproductive Rights to understand how are they communicating their message and encouraging visitors to take an action. 

We observed:

1- Structure of Homepage

2- Call to Actions

3- Navigation and structure of overall website

4- Use of visual content

User Feedback
Users struggle to understand what the organization does because the current homepage does not prominently feature the mission and objective of the organization. 

We tested current homepage and website with our friends and colleagues to understand the improvements we can make to clearly communicate the message of the organization. 

Plan & Frame

User Engagement Stage . Prioritization . Sitemap

Stages of User Engagement

We defined stages of user engagement to understand what improvements will be crucial to build initial trust among users. It further helped us in prioritizing features.



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Building trust in the organization

Getting Involved

Defining & Prioritizing Improvements
We decided to give highest priority to the improvements that will build trust among users and motivate them in taking actions.

After analysing data from our research phase and we identified8 major redesigns that can will enhance user experience. The goal of a prioritization workshop was to build consensus on which features have higher impact  and prioritize them. It helped us refine our ideas and created a focus.

We improved navigation of the website by providing most grouping relevant information together.
Create & Iterate

Wireframes . User Testing . Prototyping

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