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CloudPlex makes designing, developing, testing and deploying Kubernetes applications painless and fast

UX Design Lead

Nov 2015 - Aug 2018

I Led a three-person design team developing the CloudPlex enterprise solution for three years.

My major responsibilities  included understanding user needs as well as technical requirements, defining features, and creating interactive prototypes for testing.

I regularly collaborated with development teams and product managers. 

The Process

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Develop, Debug & Integrate

  • Easily create a hybrid application

  • Manifest Management

  • Volume management

  • Fully integrated with Istio

  • Integrated with Knative

  • Fully integrated with container registries

  • Hands-On Kubernetes Labs

Deploy anywhere

  • Dynamic Configuration

  • Visual Deployment Pipelines

  • CI/CD Integration

  • Network and Traffic Management

  • Kubernetes RBAC

  • Kubernetes Cluster Support

  • Associating Pods to Nodes

Monitor & Manage

  • Policy-based auto scaling

  • Mesh health dashboard

  • Service status dashboard

  • Comprehensive app monitoring

  • Service flow diagram

I cannot share more details about the process. Please visit for more information about the product. 

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