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My Approach

My approach to designing a good product has two key factors:

  • User Empathy 

  • An iterative process rooted in research 


I have learned that defining a design process is vital not only for designers but for all stakeholders. A well defined initial research phase is crucial, where understanding the user is the primary goal. Different methods can be used to understand users and their needs. I believe in an iterative process. Getting feedback at an early stage is important, so I like to get back to the users as much as I can.

My Opinions & Ideas

Computing devices are increasingly being treated as social actors in a way similar to how we perceive other humans. The emotion of trust is not limited to humans anymore.

Design better products by building trust

For this design critique, I focused on the user, who is going to write for the first time on Medium. 

Usability of Medium

for new writers

Every year, NYC Media Lab hosts a summit where investors, professionals, and students come together to present projects and ideas. 

I attended my first event in NYC and it was insightful

I critiqued the process of searching for meetup, and how one can view an event or a meetup, in light of the five planes of  James Garret 

The Design Elements of meetup.com

The article discusses importance of visual design elements in communicating message

How Microsoft is trying to Understand its Users

The article discusses the importance of visual design elements in communicating the message.

How DuckDuckGo is Effectively Communicating its Message