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Student Work at Pratt
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I had the opportunity to improve NYPL’s digital experience by exploring different ways to create a robust and accessible mobile experience.


NYPL Mobile Optimised Navigation

Interaction Designer

Sep 2018 - Dec 2018

This seminar paper explains well-established guidelines and mechanisms available to design for visually impaired users, such as increased visual, auditory, and sometimes haptic feedback.

Human-Computer Interaction for Visually Impaired Users

Seminar Paper, Researcher

Dec 2018

Life on Earth is a website for anyone who cares about living organisms on this earth. The website gives a detailed description of endangered species, for example, the kind and severity of the threat a selected species are facing. It informs the user of the measures being taken at national or international levels for the conservation of the selected species.

Life on Earth

Developer & Designer

Projects at CloudPlex

CP cloud-native application consists of Microservices, Serverless Function, and Public Cloud Service. Each microservices implements a business capability runs in its own process and communicates via APIs or messaging. Microservices is the key technology of cloud-native application.


CP Cloud Native Application Platform

UX/Product Designer


CloudPlex is an enterprise cloud enablement platform that meets both the technical and business needs of the enterprise for running their applications in the cloud. It handles all key aspects of managing apps including governance, security, orchestration and cost management. The platform manages cloud-native, container-based and legacy applications on all major public clouds in a unified manner. It enables a completely automated application provisioning and orchestration process.​

CP Deployment Platform

UX Lead, 2016-2018

A drag and drop user experienced for complicated network management. Users can create VPCs, subnets, security groups, VPC pairing, VPN creation and much more.

CP Network & Security

UI Designer, 2015

Demoed to a major transport vendor as a system for management and real-time monitoring of vehicles and routes. Uses sensors and GIS to locate buses, traffic, refueling stations, ETA to the destination and so on.

Public transport use case

UI Designer, 2015

Projects at Smart IS

Oracular Website

UI Designer and Developer


Volunteer Work


UX Designer 2019



UX Designer



Me Pakistan


Developer & Designer



Traverse Pakistan