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Project Brief


Design a compelling, easy to understand website that clearly communicates IWHC's mission, target issues, background, and capabilities, and inspire the visitors to take action.



1. Anna, 29 years old deeply cares about women’s rights. To support the cause she actively participates and donates for different organizations.

2. Jake, 40 years old politician who is looking for various women's rights organizations that his party could potentially collaborate with



1. Anna heard about IWHC and wants to know more about what the organization is doing, what are the different issues they are targeting and how can she help.

2. Jake has subscribed to IWHC’s newsletter. In the January newsletter, he finds an interesting article on a policy that the organization is advocating for, which aligns with his party's interest and is curious to find out more.



1. Consistent with current brand guidelines

2. Make the content easy to understand

3. Easy navigation

4. Inspire users to take an action